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Sat, Oct 5, 2019

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Today we were heading home. Our tube stop is about 25 min to Heathrow. The car we got on was a little crowded - but eventually I was able to get a seat. We were connecting thru Montreal with a few hours layover.

We got thru security quite quickly (our usual experience with early morning flights from LHR). Checked our carry-ons first - not too long a line up. We decided (again - as usual) to eat at Wondertree as we had something like an hour before our gate would be announced. Ordered the Little English breakfast for the two of us to share - knowing we'd leave the beans and tomatoes on the plate. We shared the bacon and sausage, ordered some extra toast, smoothie and OJ. One mistake was I should have asked for the egg to be scrambled. I didn't specify and got sunny side up - I like mine sunny side down and cooked medium...so the egg was pretty much a waste as well. And hubs only likes scrambled eggs so he didn't even touch it.

Then it was time to try and spend the rest of our pounds we had left. Hubs always likes to go into the WH Smith, but couldn't find anything there. We picked up some chocolate (Cadbury, I'm sure) and probably some Walker's shortbreads. Our gate was shown - and it is ALWAYS in the far reaches of the terminal. It takes a good 15 min to walk there (10 if you're walking briskly). But you know if we just headed that way, then it wouldn't be in that area. Hubs stopped and got a coffee and we grabbed some water to take on the plane.

So - we had initially booked preferred seats (prob exit row) on the side of the plane where we would have 2 seats to ourselves. When they changed the plane, they ended up moving us to two center row seats that were at the bulkhead. I had initially asked to be refunded for our selection and we'd just take the less legroom seats on the side, but they refunded (Air Canada) the cost of the selection but told us we could keep the bulkhead seats. I changed my middle seat for one on the aisle. I love the window seat but it was not to be. When we got on, there was a guy sitting in my assigned seat - he was either hoping no one would come or he made an honest mistake and was in the wrong row. Anyways, he moved back so we settled in. So. Much. Legroom. I could barely touch the wall with my legs stretched out. No one in the other two seats - so we kept waiting and people were still getting on and NO ONE ELSE SAT IN OUR ROW!! So we could stretch out a bit and put our junk on the empty seats. How had no one grabbed those when seat selection was free? Maybe it was a no show or someone got a diff flight (when I initially changed my aisle seat to the end, it showed that the far aisle seat was occupied). The only downside was the toilets were in front of us, so lots of people coming and going and standing beside us. If one side was occupied and the other wasn't, I was pointing and letting people go past us to get to the other side. It was nice to be able to stand up and lean against the wall and stretch. I thought I was going to feel sorry for the people sitting in our row because of my cold, but I didn't have to worry!

Also - there were a few people with babies on the plane. Now, I'm not a baby person (never had em, never wanted em) but dang it if there wasn't the cutest damn kid on the plane! The parents were taking turns walking him up and down the rows (he was just at learning to walk stage but needed help). Always had a smile on his face and just so darn cute! Anyone who knows me knows it must be so because I really don't like babies...lol.

We arrived in Montreal - had a short chat with a male flight attendant - hubs was wearing his Game of Thrones t-shirt so they talked about that - then he asked where we were from and we said Nova Scotia - ok, this guy either had a brain fart or he failed Canadian geography (I'm certain with his accent he was from Quebec) because he thought NS was an island. He asked if we had to take a ferry to get there. We looked a bit dumbfounded - NS is connected by land. He might have been thinking PEI, which is an island.

Anyways, we got off and almost went outside of the secure area - don't have to do that when connecting thru Canada. We did have to do the thing where we showed our passport and did the travel declaration. That just meant when we got home to NS we could just head right out. Grabbed some food, found our gate, which was then changed to a diff gate. I think we had about 60-90 min as our layover. Our bags of course weer just checked thru.

Arrived home and there was my mom and hubs friend waiting for us. Had a bit of a wait for the suitcases. Then time to go home and see our doggie and start thinking about where we would go in 2020 (which - didn't turn out well - as I'm finishing this, we would be heading for Scotland in about 2.5 weeks in early May...ah well).

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