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3. Airbnb tour in Prague

Sat, Sept 14, 2019

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Had a nice breakfast at the hotel this morning. Well, nice because it was free. Buffet style with pastries, bread, cereal, fruit, yogurt, cold cuts, cheeses, eggs (fried, scrambled and hard boiled!), bacon, porridge, sausage. (No I didn’t eat all that). Had a nice chat with a British couple sitting at a table beside ours.

We left around 10am to head for the Municipal Building and our Airbnb 'colourful Prague' tour, which was at 11. We arrived about an hour early and checked out the BIG mall that was there. We had to wait around for 15 min for a group that apparently got their dates wrong. The 3 hr tour was quite interesting and I'm glad we did it on our first full day, as it gave a nice oversight of the Old Town and then across the river to see some newer sights. We started at the Powder Tower, then made our way past the University, to a really creepy statue outside an Opera house - you wrote the name of someone you disliked or who wronged you, threw it inside the creepy statue, then within a month they were supposed to exit your life. You were supposed to put your hand on his left 'claw' and not touch anything else when throwing in your paper. They empty it every month! Unfortunately, our neighbours haven't sold their home or gotten divorced...sigh. Oh well. Then it was to the Old Town square and the clock tower. It was super crowded - we were told to watch your valuables there. We learned about the executions that took place there, then walked past where the executioner used to reside - now a restaurant. While we were in the square, a whole bunch of dudes dressed in old school Batman costumes walked by. The guide rolled his eyes and said there was a convention in town...twenty minutes later, when we were over by the Jewish cemetery, a 'beer bike' went by, blasting the Batman theme song, being driven by all the Batmen. It was actually pretty funny.

After wandering by the Jewish area, we went over the next bridge away from the Charles, where our guide snapped our photos with the Charles behind. We stopped into a Gingerbread house for a bathroom break and we also got a drink and some gingerbread cookies. Then we wandered over to the John Lennon wall, where our guide gave us all markers so we could add our own message. I put 'love from Canada'. I guess the wall gets a fresh coat of paint every month or two, maybe even sooner than that. He told us about the 'flood defense' system they have in place (with locking panels - you could see where they sit). Then the tour was finished. And I will say the tour was quite nice - we had a small group - I think 9-10 - would have been 13 or so if the others had come. Seeing the other tour groups with dozens of people - ugh, not good. And we had some nice chats with others in the group. If you want to know which tour, airbnb, colourful Prague and Petr was the guide!

We took the metro back to the Municipal building and went into the mall again for another look around, and to grab some snacks. Outside some food kiosks were set up and we got a fried shredded pancake and a Pepsi for a snack. After 3 hours of walking, we decided to head back to the room to relax for a few hours, as we were going to head back to the clock tower that evening. Headed back out around 7pm and went to the Black Dog café down the street for some burgers. (That didn't turn out well - see the next entry, or even just the headline). There were some older Americans there and they got into a discussion about politics and Trump (they were a fan) with some Brits. Hubs just had to interject when they started showing how ignorant they were about our health care system in Canada, but it stayed friendly. I finally just had to leave because I didn't think my husband would stop. The wives of the men felt the same one - one of them said 'I just wanted a burger' - lol.

So Sat night was not the night to go over to the old town square. I think it’s the night that the stag and stagette parties are out. Groups of drunken men and (maybe not so drunk) women. Just...noisy. One jerk in one group was walking around trying to suction a dildo on to a street sign. Another drunkenly ‘singing’ if you can call it that (sounded more like moaning). A little disheartening. And still lots of crowds. Meh. And we just missed the clock doing it's clock thing by a minute. Didn't want to hang around for another hour. Wandered a bit more, back down to the Charles, then hopped a tram and got back to the room around 10:30pm. I was starting to get a dry throat and coughing - probably all the cigarette smoke in the air. I will say - there did seem to be a lot of people there using vape products - more so than I noticed in Venice.

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