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4. Uh oh - food poisoning

Sun, Sept 15

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So my hubs woke up and didn't feel very good. He came down to breakfast but didn't really eat anything and ended up going back upstairs while I finished. He was looking green around the gills but still went out with me later. I had headed out that morning on my own just to wander over to a few churches that were nearby, but neither were open to the public. I visited a little park nearby and popped over round to the 'Anthropoid' church which was a block away. I went back to see how hubs was doing and he decided to come out with me.

We walked over to the 'old' national museum, which had a Tutenkamen display on - not really a display - an interactive video thing where you walked thru some rooms. Hubs was looking very sweaty when we were waiting in line to get in and had to sit down. You got a timed ticket for the show and we had about 30 min. After we wandered for about 10 min, he had to run to the washroom (I believe the museum had recently been reno'd and was disappointingly rather empty - disappointing because it wasn't cheap to get in). I was going to go up the stairs of the museum but there was an old coot who wanted to see the tix, which hubs had...in the bathroom. I just wanted to stand on the stairs and see the ceiling but wouldn't even let me do that. He shooed me away. Grr. Hubs came out and went into the show with me, but had to make a run for it about 5 min before it was done. He ended up being in the bathroom about 20 min or so. Came out and got a tea at the café but he couldn't even drink that. Went outside and sat on the grass for a bit, then moved when a bench freed up and he laid down for about 20 min.

Decided by this time it was best of we got him back to the room so hopped the metro and got back to the room with seconds to spare, as he vomited again. By this point, I knew he was done for the day, so I headed out on my own and just wandered along the river and thru some side streets. I stopped at a pizza place down the road from the hotel and got myself a pizza for supper, then headed back to the room.

I had a tour booked with Naked Prague - an after hours tour at Prague Castle. All paid ahead. Was hoping hubby would feel better, but no luck. I tried to find someone on 'hangouts' on the couchsurfing website to join me, since his ticket was paid for and I wouldn't get a refund, but no luck. I debated asking a random stranger, but chickened out. The guide did offer that he could join the tour the next night, but he still wasn't feeling up to it...and it rained anyways. The tour was a nice overview of the castle grounds, and I did learn an easier/faster way to get into the castle involving a tram, which I used the next morning, saving a walk up a steep hill/stairs. It was nice to learn about the castle before visiting, and to see the grounds almost empty - there were a few other tours (bigger, our tour was 8 or 9 people) and a group of teen girls, who were so noisy when our guide was talking he asked them to pipe down...lol. And also nice to see it after dark. The tour started around 8 and ended at 10pm. Beautiful all lit up.

Then the group wandered back down to the Charles and I hopped the tram back to the room. Hubby was still alive! I really think it was the hamburger that did it. Mind you, I had the same with no ill effects. But in 2017 when we went to Netherlands, I think it was a hamburger that made me sick.

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