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October 2019

1.Connections and more connections

Thurs, Sept 12

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So today was flying day. Generally we have a direct flight from Halifax to London, but because of the grounding of the Max 8 airplanes and Air Canada not having any planes in storage (lol) we had to fly west, just to fly back east, adding about 5-6 hrs to our travel time factoring in layovers and extra flying time. Our choices were Montreal, Toronto or Ottawa. When the flight had to be changed, they switched us to via Toronto, but I had looked into what type of planes they flew, and Ottawa had the smallest plane (2-3-2 layout) and the three airports are all fairly close together. And arrival time was around 10am fr Ottawa, which I felt gelled better with our connecting flight to Prague. So I was able to easily make the change.

I purchased 'preferred' exit row seats. Oh, the leg room is amazing. The last few times we've flown overseas I've (begrudgingly) paid for the preferred seats and do not regret it.

So a week after getting our flight switched to Ottawa, I purchased our tix for our flight to Prague, leaving at 1pm. Oh, a three hour cushion is fine - we've done it before. Except...a few weeks after that, they changed to flight from Ottawa - now it would be arriving at 6am. Now we have a 7 hr layover. OMG. There was an earlier flight with Brit Air leaving at 9am, but after contacting them was told it would cost another $300+ to switch, so I resigned myself to either paying for a lounge or just finding a quiet corner of LHR to hide. I also contemplating asking at the help desk when we arrived if we could be switched to the earlier flight, but wasn't holding out much hope. I figured with the strikes by BA a few days earlier that the flights would be packed with people who had to change plans.

So our flight to Ottawa was fine, and having lots of legroom on the flight to London was amazing. We arrived at 6am (what felt like about 2am to us, and with not much rest on the plane, so we were exhausted)...so we followed the secure connections to the correct terminal. Upon arrival, I went to the BA help desk and gave them my sob story about the flight connections and that we were exhausted. Well, the kind man behind the counter checked the computer and I guess they had some seats, because they switched us to the earlier flight and at no extra cost. Bless you British Airways!

So we wandered zombie like around the terminal, grabbed a quick breakfast then we were off to Prague!

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