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November 2019

7. Vienna Sights

Wed, Sept 18

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Today we had an Airbnb tour "Hidden Gems off the Beaten Track" but it wasn't until after lunch, so after having a nice quick breakfast supplied by our hosts (some bread and fruit) we decided first stop would be Karlskirche (Charles Church). We hopped the tram and went up to where we could hop on the metro and off we went.

Quite an interesting church (one of the few pay to go into churches we came across) - there is a small museum upstairs that is quite interesting, then we walked around the (very lovely) church - the ceiling paintings, the altar, the marble columns - gorgeous. I guess some years back they did restoration and they decided to keep the small work elevator and scaffolding, so now you can talk the elevator up to get an up close look at the ceiling, and to see the view out of the windows at the front of the church. We seemed to get in line when it was at the longest and had about a 20min wait or so, with the elevator taking about a minute and a half- two minutes to go up then come back down. It was an interesting perspective as well to see the church from above. After coming out we got some gelato at a little mini truck parked outside and enjoyed our snack by the fountain in front of the church.

Next we headed over to the Naschmarkt - lots of goodies there, and restaurants, but we didn't buy anything. I did find as you got to the end with the food, there was a lot of people pushing you to try samples, which I'm not fond of. We were going to grab something there. but hubs saw a little booth across the street beside the metro station - they had these intriguing looking hotdogs in what looked like a baguette. Well, hubs LOVES hot dogs so we decided to give it a go. They take the bun, cut the top bit off, push it down on a metal spike, then put the hot dog in and put the piece of end they cut off on the 'side'. Well - it was OK. I found the baguette/bun a little hard and dry (compared to our soft buns at home) so it was harder to eat. But it fed us, in prep for our walking tour...

We met our guide, Hannes, just outside the metro station. It was quite warm out and I had to carry my coat most of the way. I was surprised to see locals wearing scarves and leather jackets! They must be more heat tolerant than I. I can't recall every place we went by, but we saw some of the graffiti walls, the 'most beautiful staircase in Europe" (or the 2nd most, in a vote from 10 years ago). We saw some great shopping streets, the smallest shop in Vienna (which is right near the tram stop we'd hop off over by the museums), walked thru Museumplein (where he explained about the interesting seating they have there) and then we hopped the metro to go across the river and see some modern architecture, including a building that looked a bit like a cruise ship (and inside the architect did lots of nice to look at but super impractical things) and a building that they decided to use iron (?) on the façade, which of course has rusted and stained the sidewalks around it...and another neat to look at residence building that they attached what looked like coloured wood/bamboo to the outside - great until you have to wash the windows, paint the façade, or heaven forbid there is ever a fire because people won't be able to escape thru windows. These buildings were all at a university (and I can't rem the name of it) in the newer part of the city. We ended at the Prater amusement park which was mostly shut down - well, the rides were still going but many of the food booths and whatnot were closed. And not many people around of course, since kids were in school and it was late Sept. I could see that being a fun spot to visit in the summer months. Near the end of the tour, our guide had a 'prize' for the person who could answer his question the closest - he asked how many stairs we climbed (it was a lot). Some said a high number, some very low. I was thinking 400 but my hubs stole my answer, so I said 430. The correct answer was 490 and I came closest, so I won a package of Manner wafer cookies...yum.

We caught the metro back and got off by St Stephens - it was time for supper. But we wandered and all the restaurants seemed v expensive and we were getting discouraged. We finally went into a place I had seen in a guide book - Pizza Bizi - and once we figured out how it worked (you ordered the pizza and it would be made fresh...or you could get a v large slice) we ordered a super tasty pizza, and hubby also got some roasted potatoes. After our meal, we went down the street a block to Zanoni and Zanoni gelato - I got blueberry and cherry and it was amazing. (So good, we ended up back there a few more times). As we wee eating our gelato, and older man stopped and was chatting with us (obvs could tell we were tourists). He told us about a lovely church just down the road that we should go see, but we were so tired and his directions were a little vague...anyways, we did see the church a few days later (what we assume was the church he meant - he didn't know the name of it) but that is for another post...

We took the metro back towards our room instead of the tram, and ended up getting off on a very busy shopping street about 3-4 blocks away. (Zieglergasse). As we were trudging back to the room we passed a grocery store (I think a Lidi) and popped in for some breakfast food (cereal, juice) and some snacks (soda, chips, crackers). By the time we got back to the room we were done!

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